Authoring services and mentoring.
Motivational workshops and success planning.

Writing, editing and structural design services

Boost your business with a book or preserve your life story for eternity.

Ghost writer required?

Have other content needing a creative edge?

I can help you with all or part of your creation.

Publish end to end?

Ask me for help to design, publish and market your creation.

I can manage the process with my Partners or refer you to experts in these fields.



Writing and structural mentoring and training

Need help to plan, create and/or structure your own book or other content?

Writers block?

Whether you are a skilled writer or a beginner who wants help to write all or part of your story yourself.

I can help you through the complete process or get you 'unstuck' from writers block.

As your mentor, teacher, contributor or all three.

Contact me to book a session today either face to face or Skype to learn more.

Take Charge!

Take Charge! and achieve success with no limits!

The TAKE CHARGE! self development program is designed for personal, business and creative growth.

For individuals (including Authors), business or community organisations.


All programs designed to your unique requirements. Face to face or online training.

My self help book is provided free with all programs.

take charge: how can it get better than this?

Templates and workbooks also provided for future self-help and goal reviews.

'No mountain is too high to climb with the right support, tools, direction, motivation, and vision.'

- Sandy Vincent-Guy -


A percentage from the sale of each book is donated to the 

NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

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