About Sandra Vincent-Guy

About Sandra Vincent-Guy

Hi. Often known as Sandy, I am an Amazon Best Selling author, artist, writer, mentor and speaker. I have worked internationally in many business arenas, and often travel across Australasia and beyond. Over 30 years experience in writing for life or business.

I am a qualified trainer and have excelled in areas of Writing and Instructional Design, Consultancy, Project Management, Business Analysis and Strategic Design, Sales, Life and Business Coaching, Finance and Information Management, and many others. This background enables me to look ‘outside in’ at your organisation or project and ask the right questions, to provide the right service to YOUR needs.

I am also a Justice of the Peace in Australia (a dual citizen – New Zealand and Australian) and in my spare time I volunteer as the Youth Services Director of Glenfield Rotary, Auckland, New Zealand.

Since 2005 until recently I have owned and operated under my company Tyde Solutions Ltd. As my services now cover writing and motivational services of which all are very much personally managed (collaborating with others as required), Tyde Solutions Ltd is currently being re-branded as Sandra Vincent-Guy. So if you see Tyde Solutions, you are still getting me!

It is my passion to help others and I do this in two ways.

Authoring and mentoring – 

I help authors create their unique story or other content.  Be it a life story or for business lead generation. I can be your “Ghost Writer”, contribute to part of your content, or just help you through the process yourself. What I am not expert at, I know others who are. So if you are looking for an end to end publishing experience contact me for a free chat. 

Motivation and success planning –

With my Take Charge! program I help individuals and groups from all walks of life to grow and be more self-managed and self-responsible to achieve success. From goal setting to action planning to success. Using easy to use templates and workbooks, I will guide you from ‘I am not getting anywhere and going around in circles’ to ‘WOW! I did it!’

I am also available as a speaker in either of these two areas of expertise.

To find out more about me purchase a copy of take charge: how can it get better than this?

Or contact me to request a time to chat face to face, by phone or Skype.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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