Case Studies

Writing and Mentoring

The following projects are just a few of my achievements in fields of writing and writer's mentoring.
 No two projects are ever the same. 
Some may be a complete book from beginning to end and beyond, while others may be one or more phases as input to a complete production.
Contact me for more information about how these projects were identified, planned, and completed to success.


By Hunter K. Smith

My role - Remove Writers Block, Mentor and Teach the Author Structural English, working remotely between countries.

This ground-breaking publication is based on true events, and backed by independent science. Here's the thing:

  • ZERO side effects from massive doses of chemo

  • NO meds now for severe asthma

  • 99% decrease in chronic skin cancer

  • NO vet fees for Horses owned

ALL done through simple inexpensive gut care which could easily be taught to a 5 year old, by accident saving the family a Fortune...

Watch this space to find out how this project evolved from receiving communication from a first time author with writers block reaching out for help with Structural English Teaching and Mentoring. To publishing a masterpiece that is no less than brilliant, now receiving international reviews. And lots more.

For now you can read more or order your copy today from Hunter's website.

Hunter K. Smith of Creating With a Bang!


By Greg Gunther and Troy Parsons

My role - Structural Editing.  Working remotely between countries, combine 2 stories of life and business into one manuscript ready for Grammar Editing.

FEET FIRST shares the naked truth of these two authors' lives and business ventures from birth to adulthood and beyond. All the choices, mistakes, failures and successes, fears and lessons learned of two ordinary men whose paths finally converged and resulted in incredible personal and professional evolution.

Watch this space to find out how this project evolved from receiving two separate very raw manuscripts of their verbal 'downloads' to the creation of one extremely inspirational story. Of how two men's upbringings, experiences, relationships, and life and work choices have moulded them. And lots more.

For now you can read more or order your copy today from their websites.

Greg Gunther of Your Business Momentum

Troy Parsons of   The Podiatry Hive

take charge: how can it get better than this?

By Sandra Vincent-Guy

My role - Write my own complete book. From beginning to end, then self-publish. To support my motivational program or for use autonomously.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. So why is it that many of us keep doing the same things and yet we expect different results?


Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions, or maybe we just won’t give ourselves permission to question ‘what is’ or allow ourselves to even think about ‘what if?’.

This book will empower you to transform your direction to excel to your greatest potential in life or business, as a short read of only 1 hour or 2.

You will learn how to easily identify your dreams and goals and how to bring any plan or project to success.

Click to the Home Page to read more, view testimonials or order your copy today.

Or read more about the Take Charge! program to transform your direction to your full potential. For individuals, authors or organisations.

Online one hour consultancy Take Charge! sessions are also available on request. Contact Sandra to find out more or to book a personal session.

Watch this space to find out more about how this project evolved from a dream of wanting to write a book, to a moment of epiphany, to a life and career changing achievement.