To effectively promote and sell online you need to ensure you have an easy-to-navigate, author focused website. tyde SOLUTIONS builds template based websites economically, that are user friendly.

This includes domain name registration, web hosting and site management for one full year. All sites are made with full client consultation and include purchasing options and SEO.


An Author Interview is essential in achieving your vision of having potential readers understand the 'WHY' behind your writing and publishing. It taps into the vision, inspiration, purpose and passion behind your book.

All interviews are recorded at a suitable location in Auckland New Zealand, Brisbane Australia or via SKYPE, and are edited down to 5 minutes.


All interviews will also published on a Soundcloud Podcast platform later in 2017.



In the digital age the average customer's attention span online is 7 seconds. If they are not hooked in that time, they will click away. A Video Book Trailer highlights the key aspects of the book within 30 - 60 seconds. Using royalty-free music, your cover and some relative imagery, we produce quality trailers suitable for all online platforms. 


The production of your book is that moment in time where your vision truly comes to life. First we produce a physical proof copy for you to have one final check before the run of books are produced by quality driven printers who specialise in book printing and production.


Get excited as the journey to share your story with the world is about to begin! 


Meeting your customers' demands in New Zealand and Australia is no problem when you are printing books. However, overseas demand is a different story. 


tyde SOLUTIONS ensures your book is available through the Print-On-Demand option with Amazon so international orders are fulfilled without huge shipping costs.

This process enables customers internationally to purchase direct through Amazon who then produce a single copy of your book and dispatch it to the reader. The cost of production comes off the retail price and the balance is kept in a holding account with Amazon until you generate over $100 US, EURO or GBP in revenue at which point you are paid via cheque.


The development of honest and non-generic book reviews is essential in building awareness and authenticity behind your book. 


tyde SOLUTIONS implements an international book review program that aims at securing FIVE constructive and honest book reviews for online and physical promotional purposes.


As an author, your promotional purposes are likely to involve seminars, events, public speaking, workshops and general networking.

Not only are promotional tools like business cards and bookmarks great added value when copies are purchased, but they are effective marketing tools for those yet to buy.

A pull up banner is essential for any speaking or author focused events and adds a level of professionalism to your marketing.