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tyde SOLUTIONS offers quality and experienced ghost-writing and structural writing services to take your idea - your story, and bring to life a well-versed manuscript ready for the publishing process. 

We personally ensure your ‘voice’ remains authentic, yet polished to a quality standard.



Looking to publish and have no idea where to start?

Do you have a need to bring to life a quality publication for business, personal or community?

tyde SOLUTIONS offers expert and author-focused publishing services to take your manuscript through the publishing process with ease.

Offering dedicated one-on-one creative management your book is handled with care and professionalism.


Our TAKE CHARGE! self-development program is designed for personal, business and creative growth.

Do you have students, youth or employees who want (or need) to positively change their life or work day to almost unimaginable heights?

Learn how to Take Charge! and achieve success with NO LIMITS!!

We understand that every group is unique, as are considerations within community, company, culture and region.

tyde - transform your direction to excel

ABOUT tyde

Hi. My name is Sandy Vincent-Guy and I am the Director of tyde SOLUTIONS, an Amazon Best Selling author, artist, and a successful international businesswoman. Although I have worked internationally, and often travel across Australasia and beyond, I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, so very much consider myself a ‘Kiwi’.

It is my passion to help others and I do this in two ways. To help you, the author, realise your dream of being published, then successfully marketing, your creative vision. With my Take Charge! program I help individuals and groups from all walks of life to grow and be more self-managed to success.


My life skills and coaching experience, among many others, contribute to our abilities to motivate, inspire and assist authors to achieve their goals through our dedicated and unique system of book publishing and marketing services. If you are a ‘soon to be’ author, how do I know what you need? I wrote and self-published my own book and struggled without the real help available to try and self-publish, then market it successfully. So I have been there. I know how you feel and I can personally relate to your questions and exasperations.


Being mentored by Australasia’s #1 Author Success Coach who has helped over 3800 authors bring their books to a reality, and to market successfully, using over 20 years of his experience in the publishing world, this experience combined with my own also provides you, the new author, with end to end help in all areas of the self-publishing world. So if you need help to bring to life your stories within, be it in life or business, our services and experience will bring your creative vision to reality.


​So his experience is now aligned with my own successes of client management, mentoring, and creative skills that come from a very diverse background and many successes in: writing and editing; instructional design; consultancy; e-learning; training and training analysis; project management; business re-engineering and analysis; information management; finance, taxation and audit; software development; customer support; sales and marketing, and; staff and change management, among others.

This experience has been gained over 30 years in New Zealand and Australia, and globally, within a very diverse range of industries. My qualifications in training, project management and business process management also assist me to oversee and drive publishing projects and Take Charge! programs to successful deadlines with such tenacity that the relationship between publishing consultant and author, and with Take Charge! recipients, is one of long-standing.


Your success is our success. tyde SOLUTIONS ensures you receive what you really need, not just what someone else thinks you need. So all of our products and services are tailored to suit each author or Take Charge! client, and are always well supported by my numerous career successes, qualifications and life’s experiences, and my Author Success Coach, who is also available to you. 

So, what now? Take Charge! Review the website and establish whether your need may be identified. We will help you to be more self-managed, self-responsible, realise your goals, be more motivated and manage your time more effectively. If it is to finally become that author; that creative you always dreamed of being, or to finally Take Charge! of your life to improve in any area.

'No mountain is too high to climb with the right support, tools, direction, motivation, and vision.'

- Sandy Vincent-Guy -

A percentage from the sale of each book is donated to the 

NZ Breast Cancer Foundation.

Someone once said:


…if you keep doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got.

So why is it that many of us keep doing the same things and yet we expect different results?


Maybe we’re asking the wrong questions, or maybe we just won’t give ourselves permission to question ‘what is’ or allow ourselves to even think about ‘what if?’.

This book will empower you to transform your direction to excel to your greatest potential in life or business, as a short read of only 1 hour or 2.

You will learn how to easily identify your dreams and goals and how to bring any plan or project to success.

I hope you find it as meaningful to your life as I did in creating it.

How does it get better than this?  You’re about to find out!

All the best,


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What others have to say:


All my life I have always used ‘what is the worst case scenario’ to make any choice in life and work, be it small or large, including serious life or death situations needing a very quick decision on the spot. The author has captured the very essence of the process which will help anyone, regardless of their age or current situation, to excel in life or work.
Tom Tratar – Retired Senior Chief, US Navy. San Diego, California, USA

Sandy your book is amazing!!! This book is everything a person needs to know in life and how to achieve it. Congratulations for having the vision to do what you have wanted, and in the process to help and share that knowledge of life. Sometimes we do get side-tracked and yes…life is a bumpy road with twists and turns but if you follow your signs, you do reach your destination and… Wow…what an interested journey life is. Thank you for reminding us all how to stay on track, to get the best out of every day and to live life. Easy when you stick to the basics.
Anne Stone, Artist & Writer, Home Executive, Brisbane, Australia

…if there is one word I would use to describe Sandy, it’s “inspirational”. She walks her talk and having followed her own advice has made manifest one of her own dreams – writing this book. I have no doubt that it will inspire you to action so that you too can reach your highest potential.
Gina O’Brien, Business Consultant, Canberra, Australia

I just put down your book after my second read of it. Wow! How apt is the title! I feel energised and optimistic about my future. I read right through to the end in one sitting – love that! So many times, you pick up a book looking for answers and you have to get through reams of words, to finally get something you can use, only to feel cheated because you spent valuable time and are still none the wiser. You, on the other hand, have captured the essence. Straight away, I was in the flow of your thinking and was moved along in a direction that seems so clear to me and easy to follow. You’ve got it! And you’ve shared it in such a straightforward way that I got it and can start straight away to create my dream, because you have provided the steps and the tools. I feel inspired! Thank you so much for putting it out there.
Stella Comino, Company Director, Comino and Associates, Brisbane, Australia

A brilliant book. I have been following the steps in this book and my life has changed dramatically for the better.
Fay Johnson, Business Consultant, Brisbane, Australia

An easy read. I like that the book is short and to the point. It will attract a specific audience that is not prepared to “invest” in the big, over-blown self-help books. You have captured the overall theme of the book – Process is Everything. Very nice work.
Jeffrey Nyeboer, IT Consultant, Coach and Company Director, Canada


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