I am very good at what I do but I am not an expert at everything. Whether it involves writing projects or helping others to achieve success in various ways. I also believe collaboration with the right people and/or organisations can bring added value to success.
So from time to time I partner with others who have proven to be of excellent calibre in their chosen field/s to assist my projects and other needs of my clients, as and if required.
Interested in partnering with me? If your company provides services that may be able to assist my clients in various ways I would love to hear from you.

Andrew Healey - writer and editor

Andrew is a freelance writer for Word Works Copywriting Services and editor for online guitar magazine Crazy ‘Bout guitars.


With a sound understanding of SEO and social media, Andrew specialises in online content, such as web pages and blogs. From time to time, Andrew also steps outside of the online world to write books for his clients.


To view Andrew's work, visit Word Works or Crazy ‘Bout Guitars.

Christina Curley - writing, marketing and success management.

Christina wears several different hats.

CJ Curley Consulting Ltd - Need someone to help you manage a website project, create a social media plan or write a report? Or even create an e-learning course? Christina's expertise spans digital marketing, website project and product management, copywriting, learning and development, e-learning and facilitation – just let her know what you need. Click to find out more.

Upwards Upwards teaches life and leadership skills to young people aged 12 - 19 years. Upwards is centered around the idea that everyone can be a hero, and the role of universally-applicable leadership skills in a person's own heroic journey. 


Savvy Up - Savvy Up specialises in helping young professionals be successful in the workplace.  Christina's online programme (for interns, graduates and young people new to the workplace) helps Gen Y and Z thrive, be empowered, and productive in the workplace.