Our industry qualified designer will develop a quality cover design based on your initial ideas and concepts. This includes layout of back cover blurb, logo and Barcode placement, spine adjustment, image sourcing and placement, font collection and even an original illustration if required.


This process is critical to your books success and we share the vision to create a WOW cover; a cover you will be proud to hold high for all to see. 



Once the editing process is complete we head into the creation of the initial preview of your trade standard book layout. Together we review and discuss the general style and 'look and feel'.


Once approved, the full formatting process is underway to bring your manuscript to a design standard expected by your reader. This can and will include any images, photographs, graphs and tables you feel need to illustrate your messages within the book.


The production of your book is that moment in time where your vision truly comes to life. First we produce a physical proof copy for you to have one final check before the run of books are produced by quality driven printers who specialise in book printing and production.


Get excited as the journey to share your story with the world is about to begin! 


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