Want to clear writers block? Or do you need help to write your book or other content? I can help you from planning to structure to editing to publishing and beyond, or anything inbetween.

Contact me for a face to face mentoring or teaching program designed to the help you need.


Want to publish a book when you know the story, but need a writer to create it for you?

Let me bring your book to life without overloading your schedule, or requiring you to write a single word. If you can spare just an hour a week, you can have a completed manuscript in a matter of months.

I take care of everything for you, with an absolute minimum impact on your time.

You’ll meet, Skype or chat on the phone personally with me to plan the vision and outline for your book. Next, I will schedule time-sensitive calls with you to suit your schedule where I record the basic foundation and bones of your soon to be manuscript. Then those recordings are brought to life as your own book while maintaining you as the Author!


You’ll have your entire book written and structurally edited within a matter of months. 


Do you have other content (that may not be a book) that needs to be professionally portrayed?


Maybe it is a press release, business document, copy-writing project, web site content, or other form of scribe?


Ask about my flexible content services available to bring words to life for your desired audience and purpose.



This process is considered an essential step and involves a thorough line edit and proof read through the entire manuscript also including general structural comments if needed.


This will include correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and notes on any areas that need your revision, such as structure, style, narrative arc, etc. along with expert advice to ensure your manuscript is as editorially sound as possible.


Structural editing (sometimes titled developmental editing) is the most comprehensive and time-consuming stage of the publishing process. It looks at the big picture, evaluating a manuscript as a whole and analyzing how well each component contribute to the central message or narrative of the whole manuscript.


Where the copy-editor/proof reader will take a narrow and definitive view, drilling into the detail of the work, the structural editor will be more expansive and ask, ‘Does this work as a book?’


A comprehensive review of your manuscript evaluating consistency, flow, structure, development, style, effect, marketability, SWOT analysis and general review. This process takes your manuscript to the next level.

This process can take from 21-30 days depending on your topic and word count. Your appraisal will provide clear direction and expert recommendations to ensure you are giving your published work the best chance of success.



Once the editing process is complete we head into the creation of the initial preview of your trade standard book layout. Together we review and discuss the general style and 'look and feel'.


Once approved, the full formatting process is underway to bring your manuscript to a design standard expected by your reader. This can and will include any images, photographs, graphs and tables you feel need to illustrate your messages within the book.



Once your book is published and you are active in promotion, ensuring your eBook is developed and ready to release is critical. Not only is it an excellent promotional tool, but your eBook also meets the needs for readers used to enjoying books on e-Readers. This module ensures both EPUB and MOBI versions of your published work is developed and live through Amazon Kindle. 


This process includes ISBN Allocation, Barcode and QR Code Creation, Cataloguing-in-Publication data and legal e-Deposits to the National Library of New Zealand (or the equivalent in your country).

I will also make sure your title is registered with Nielsen Book Data so you can be easily discovered by bookshops, libraries, distributors and of course, the general public.