How to clear Writer's Block – engage a Writer's Mentor

Do you have Writer's Block?

Are you struggling to plan how to start and/or complete your book?

Do you need help with some or all of the process?

If you are stuck and frustrated, just like if you engage a life coach to help you achieve a successful and happy life, why not get support? Shout from the rooftops!

Find the right mentor if you can’t move forward on your own.

I have been asked many times, including by Hunter K. Smith - the subject of this case study, how I teach Structural English, and what I do as a Mentor that works. The end result for this brilliant Author being her successful first book. Creating With a Bang! is now published, and receiving international testimonials and reviews including three 5 star reviews from an International Review Panel!

Now all is to be revealed about how my role as her Structural English Teacher and Mentor assisted Hunter to create this masterpiece from 8466 words to publishing, with both of us living in different countries.

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Over the coming weeks I will share more about:

  • Author meets Mentor. Why Hunter K. Smith asked for help.

  • The role of an Author working with a Mentor.

  • Who did what. How we worked together.

  • Success! First time Author now published.

Let the journey begin…

Chapter One -

The role of a Writer’s Mentor/Structural English Teacher

Mentor = supporter/guide/coach – to lead, to advise

Teacher = educator – to convey knowledge to be retained

Mentoring or teaching Structured English cannot be taught or learned by just anyone. Both the teacher and the student must be open to positive criticism.

They must have the utmost respect for each other, and especially, share the common goal – make sure the story flows and reads well no matter what the subject, to ensure the reader will struggle to put the book down before reaching ‘The End’.

My role as Structural English Mentor/Teacher in Hunter’s case included:

  • Guided and supported – ensured she knew ‘I had her back’.

  • Educated – shared knowledge she would retain during this creation and for the future.

  • Was available! – by email, phone or Skype. Her ‘right arm’, her ‘shoulder’, her reviewer.

  • Created a project and plan that worked for us both - understood her other commitments and her available time. Helped her create the overall story line.

  • Listened! - let her talk, and talk and talk and talk! Prompted her to talk. And talk. And talk.

  • Questioned - asked questions, asked questions, asked more questions.

  • Suggested and challenged – What if this? What if that? Let her make decisions and contributed my opinion only when asked or when not doing so may adversely affect good flow and writing.

  • Able to be challenged and open to criticism – talked through her questions; let her ask - why?

  • Recorded the conversations – sent them to her to play back in her own time. This was one of the most effective ways of teaching Hunter. She relayed to me often how listening to our conversations over and over again changed the book from a good draft to a ‘Dream Come True’.

  • Received and reviewed her updates - for good story flow. Sent my opinions and encouragement and prepared training for each session. Included feedback, questions and next tasks.

  • Had patience! – Kept her on task, or we moved deadlines out if required. Always tried to be ahead of her (to the plan) without pressuring her outside her time availability. While ‘softly’ firm. Let her write!

  • Didn’t expect perfection as her coach - I knew the journey was in progress. Was flexible and let her know changes were OK! It was HER story…if she wanted to make changes - then we talked about them. Why? Why? Why?

Watch this space for more of this empowering journey for both Mentor and Author.

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