Learn how to Take Charge!

and achieve success with NO LIMITS!!

The TAKE CHARGE! self-development program is designed for personal, business and creative growth.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.”
                                                                             - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, Author

“Life isn’t just about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!”
                                                                                                                                   – Anonymous

Do you have students, youth or employees who want (or need) to positively change their life or work day to almost unimaginable heights?

Do they struggle with knowing what their purpose is, what goals they might want to achieve in life, or what their real capabilities might be?

Are they trudging day by day unhappily with the ‘same ole same ole’, wishing each day they had another life, and have no idea how to make changes for the better, where to start or what direction to take?

Or are you an individual struggling with life with low motivation and/or sense of achievement? Or has something changed in your life and you feel a need to review your priorities and goals, but don't know how?

If you or your people are experiencing any area of life that is not how you or they want it to be, right now, and they can answer YES to one or more of these questions, then read on.

We all suffer at some point from the feeling of not achieving to our greatest potential. Some of us have no idea what that potential may even be or even what our purpose may be in life. We may constantly worry about our future and others expectations of us.

We all have fears, some real and some imagined but still seeming very real no matter how great an education we had or how financial we are.

Take Charge! will provide your people, young or old, with very effective methods and tools to help them identify what their dreams and goals are if they don’t already know them, then how to bring any goal, plan or project to success.

And just as important, I provide the tools to support them to self-author, self-manage and self-review their lives, to keep themselves on track moving forward each day towards achieving those goals. From the smallest to the largest and all those in-between.



I understand that every group is unique, as are considerations within their community, company, culture and region. I work with your unique organisation and your support people, and consider all initiatives in my program design that you are currently providing for your people, to work towards a positive successful future.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • HR Consultants and manager

  • Career advisors

  • Mentors

  • Authors

  • Principals and teachers

  • Parents

  • Cultural supporters and mentors

  • Community supporters

  • Your current initiatives applicable to positive change for your people.




Are you an individual needing motivation and knowledge to set goals, take action and achieve success?

Take the first step right now and contact me for a one-on-one session to achieve more in your life.


Great success was obtained with the Youth Development Foundation, Brisbane, Australia in 2017.

Click here to read full details.

Achieving success with the

Youth Development Foundation,

Brisbane, Australia

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Programs are not ‘one size fits all’.  To ensure total success and appropriateness of content and delivery, every program is designed (within the scope or our program content) uniquely according to your specific needs, those of participants, and all relevant projects and people who are working for the same outcome – success and well-being for all.

I spend time with you to get it right!


Download files to learn more about the Take Charge! Program, how we work, some benefits and the Program Outline.

Units are available as a whole package or separately depending on your needs. And if you want to licence the program in-house facilitated by your own trainers ask for details.

Templates and workbooks are provided for all workshops, or to work autonomously through the take charge: how does it get better than this? book.


The unique GOALS model is the basis for all  workshops and tools, and outcomes required. Options are available for delivery of some or all of the available units.

G – Identify the Goals you want to achieve

O – Organise your goals into priorities

A – Architect the plan to achieve

L – Leap to action to achieve…


Although I design every course, workshop and followup support with your organisation’s and people’s needs in mind, and according to the final approved program content, modules of the Take Charge! program may include:

  • Life has no limits – Overcome blocks, fears and limits in thinking.

  • Know yourself – Understand your own uniqueness and realise your unknown potential.

  • Identify your goals – Obtain the skills to identify your own goals and career path to excel by knowing and using your natural abilities and skill-sets, organising them into priorities, and how to review those goals throughout your life.

  • Step by step – planning and taking action, keeping focused and re-evaluating.

  • Time management – learn how to better manage your time each minute, hourly and daily to reduce stress in your daily life and assist you to achieve your goals.

  • Using technology – to collaborate globally, increase marketing and networks, obtain support and knowledge.

  • Support – know where and how to obtain your needs, support and mentorship to achieve your dreams.

  • Success!! – learn how to take your first next steps to creating an empowered and positive life.

  • Also coming soon….post course follow-up, online support and self-review of your goals throughout your life, available remotely and securely, providing your own personal profile available to you 24/7, with support (as approved and if required).


All course participants will receive a complimentary hard copy, PDF and ebook version of my book –

take charge: how can it get better than this?